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Genetic Research on Engineering and Advanced Transformation of Trees

Our laboratory created and has directed the GREAT TREES university-industry consortium for 25 years. Its emphasis has been on genetic modification of flowering and field tests of flowering-modified trees. As of July 1st, 2019 the Research Cooperative previously known as TGERC/TBGRC changed its name to GREAT TREES and transitioned in its research focus to development of advanced gene editing and transformation methods. A key element of research is the application of development-controlling genes to promote regeneration of transformed or gene-edited plants (summary of GREAT TREES research goals).

Current members are SAPPI, Arauco, Futuragene/Suzano, Klabin, SweTree Technologies, and the University of Pretoria Forest Molecular Biology Program. Corteva Agrosciences is an Associate Member. Please contact Professor Steve Strauss, GREAT TREES Coop Director, to inquire about current studies and membership. 


MOA – GREAT Trees Cooperative (PDF)

MOA – GREAT Trees Cooperative (Word)


Commercial Eucalyptus plantation in South Africa. Photo courtesy of Prof. Alexander Myberg.