College of Forestry

Forest Biotechnology Laboratory

Conflict of interest statement

Strauss declaration of financial conflicts of interest – last updated April 15, 2022

I work in applied biotechnology and genomics of trees. This includes trees grown for solid wood products such as lumber and plywood; pulp derived products such as newsprint and papers; biofuels and renewable energy; ornamental trees used for landscaping; and fruit trees. To insure the relevance of my work to social uses and benefits, I regularly consult with government and industry representatives about their needs, priorities, scientific developments, policies, and regulations that govern production and research.

I have obtained research funding from a wide variety of funding sources during my career, with the large majority coming from federal government sources (approximately 80%) and the remainder from industry (approximately 20%). The majority of industry funds are from a university-industry research consortium called the GREAT TREES research cooperative. It was first created in 1994 (under a different name) and its primary focus has evolved from developing technology to prevent sexual gene dispersal from trees to the improvement of genetic engineering and gene editing methods.

I routinely obtain reimbursement for invited lectures and consultations, mostly for public sector agencies and universities, but on rare occasion with funds provided by industry. Reimbursements usually cover travel, lodging, and associated food costs, and on occasion also include honoraria that helps to defray the costs of lost time due to travel and technical preparation.

I do not lobby government or provide requested testimony for a fee. When I testify, lecture, or provide written recommendations with regard to election issues or government policies, I do so as a citizen or as an individual professor; I do not represent the interests or policies of Oregon State University, nor of any of the government agencies, non-governmental organizations, or industries with whom I associate.